Shin splints refer to pain along the Tibia the leg bones know as you shin.  It is caused by the pulling of the muscles that are attached to it that insert on the foot. This pain is due to inflammation caused in this manner. The problem is frequently caused by overuse or a new activity that causes increased tension or pull of the muscle on the tibia (shin). The problem may be related to pronation, a collapsing arch, which may cause a muscle imbalance between opposing muscle groups in the leg.


One way to prevent shin splints is with proper stretching before and after exercise and sports.  A proper athletic shoe for a particular sport is necessary.  Sometimes corrective shoes, or custom orthotics (corrective shoe inserts) can help prevent shin splints.  Icing along the shin is often used both before and after exercise.  If no improvement rest and avoiding specific activities may be necessary.  Oral Anti-inflammatory medications can be helpful.  Avoid inclines, treadmill inclines, hills, squatting and any position that cause the leg muscles to exert a greater pull on the shin.