$50-90 ROUTINE NON-COVERED CARE (treat corns, callus, toenails)



Corns and calluses are generally caused by pressure.They are composed of the outer dead layer of dead skin that gets thicker from pressure. Your body tries to protect the underlying structures with the additional layers of dead skin (keratin). A little thickening (callus) is protective but too much is painful! When I debride(remove the thick layers), the pain will decreases. If the pressure continues the corn or callus will recur. Hammertoes, bunions, loss ofthe fat pad under the ball of the foot, abnormal gait and weight distribution, combined with pressure from an ill fitted shoe, are the primary reasons that I see patients with corns and calluses.

The routine trimming of corns, calluses, and toenails are not covered by most
insurance policies. An initial visit for assessment generally is covered but
routine treatment is not, so we offer a very reasonable fee for the non-covered

Treatment may be covered if there is underlying conditions such as poor circulation, neuropathy anticoagulant Tx or diabeteswith any of these conditions. These conditions place one at greater risk for infections, wounds, and amputation soprofessional care is covered by most health plans. The Diabetic Therapeutic Shoe Program is designed to try to prevent these problems.

There are other deeper more painful types of calluses that may be due to a biomechanical defect, bone spur, scar tissue or blocked pores in the sole of the foot. An X-Ray will help determine the underlying cause of these more painful lesions. Some patients need functional
orthotics or accommodative innersole for these problems, while others may need corrective surgery if conservative care fails to relieve pain. I will guide you towards the appropriate best treatment to fit your unique foot and individual need.