Our Hours

We do not over book.  Your time is your time.  Occationally we run late for an emergency.  Appointments are necessary and showing up on time is necessary to run on time.  If you are running late call to check to see if we can still fit you in.  If you can't make an appointment give us a courtesy call, you won't be charged.  If you constantly miss appointments or are usually late, please find another office. It is unfair to the other paitents, their transportation, families and the staff. 

You would like to make an appointment?


Simply give us a call at  954 987-0550


Office Hours              Doctors Hours

Mon   6:15 - 4:00       6:15AM - 12:00

Tue    6:15 - 4:00       6:15AM - 12:00

Wed   8:00 - 4:00       none

Thu    6:15 - 4:00       6:15AM - 12:00

Fri      6:15 - 4:00       6:15AM - 12:00

NOTE: RESERVE 1st VISIT before school or work