(Matrixectomy Permanent correction  99% of the time available)


Ingrown toenails can be permanently corrected 99% of the time.

DR JACOBSON DISCUSSES INGROWN TOENAILS & CURES   (for photos and more information see links at bottom of page)

Ingrown Toenail Before and After Simple permanent repair




An ingrown toenail (onychocryptosis) occurs when part of the nail penetrates the skin, which often results in pain, inflammation, and eventually infection. Proud flesh (aka Granulation tissue) will develop if the nail remains embedded in the skin.


An ingrown nail can also apply pressure to the nail fold area without penetrating the skin causing pain (a corn/callus is also common down the side of the nail and is a reaction to this pressure, rather than the nail itself causing the pain). Shoe pressure will make this problem unbearable!The primary problem is the shape of the nail. The shape may be that of: 


1) A normal toenail.


2)  A nail that is more curved from side to side rather than being flat is more


      likely to become an ingrown nail.


3)  A toenail where the borders are vertical rather than flat.


4)  Or the most severe type of ingrown nail which is a 'pincer nail' where both

        sides of the nail are very curved and grow inward towards the center of

        the toe (convoluted). The shape of the nail is usually inherited

        but it can be influenced by trauma and/or shoe pressure.




If this is the first event a simple partial removal of the offending nail border along with soaks and antibiotics (if infected) will relieve the pain. Depending on the shape of your toenail, this may be a recurrent problem. Dr. Jacobson will advise you of this potential and the permanent remedy.


Recurrent ingrown toenails can be permanently corrected in the office under local anesthesia by removing the offending side of the nail plate. After the infection is gone a chemical matrixectomy (killing the growth cells on the side on the nail) will prevent the side of the nail from growing back 99% of the time.


 This is a very simple old fashioned permanent solution to what can be a lifelong recurrent pain in the foot!


A permanent correctionknown as a matrixectomy may either be a partial matrixectomy, when only a portion of the nail root is removed for ingrown toenail, or a total matrixectomy where the entire root is chemically removed (as below).

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