Custom Orthoses


Contrary to popular belief, custom made orthotics are not just some inserts you put in your shoes. Patients require an evaluation from a trained medical professional and a prescription is required. Based upon a patient's foot type, symptoms, lifestyle and shoe gear, the doctor recommends the appropriate custom made orthoses to treat your diagnosis. 


We now a have a new technology (Oct. 2017) that allows Dr. Jacobson to make and dispense a  CUSTOM ORTHOTIC at your visit.  This new revolutionary technolgy allows DR. Jacobson to mold directly to your foot, at his specifications, a CUSTOM ORTHOTIC that is unique to you (Cinderella). 


Best of all it is about 1/3-1/2 the price of most Podiatrists custom orthotics and they are immediately ready.  You walkout wearing them.  No longer will you have a 6 week wait for lab to fabricate orthotic.  There are no impression or casting fees, shipping and return shipping fees built into price. 


Call around and ask "How much a custom pair of orthotics costs?  Even the  "foot specialty stores" are charging >$300 for a off-the-shelf device (not  custom molded to your foot).  Many patients come to see me after they have spent more than $500 on shoes and arches that fit the average foot but don't take into account your uniqueness and medical condition.  That is why a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine is recommended. In some cases we need to still send an impression to a custom orthotics lab due to the size weight and activities of patient, but most patients can benefit from this new technology.