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Dr. Jacobson has a long history in South Florida. He is a native. Born on Miami Beach, his family moved to Hollywood in 1969. He was one of the first Hollywood Hills High School students to skip the 12th grade through early admissions and go to college a year early. He graduated from University of Miami, cum laude in 1977 and took additional postgraduate science courses at the University of Florida in 1978. There he met Dr. Robert Guidice, the president of the American Podiatric Medical Association. In 1979 he entered the California College of Podiatric Medicine and graduated in 1983. After a fantastic 3 month preceptorship in Los Angeles, he returned to Plantation Florida for his Podiatric Surgical Residency at Doctors General Hospital.


In 1984 Dr. Jacobson opened his private practice in Plantation, Florida. In 1991 a good friend, colleague, and respected long time Hollywood podiatrist, Dr. David Stone passed away from cancer. Dr. Jacobson began in his footsteps, May 1991.

Unfortunately, cancer struck this practice again in June 1992. Dr. Jacobson underwent surgery for Metastatic Melanoma with an unknown primary, meaning there was no skin lesion found, but the cancer had already spread. There was a

10% chance of surviving 1 YEAR, so he retired believing in the prognosis. Other podiatrists helped out and worked in the practice during these years but the real continuity came from the staff and Sandy Jacobson who had experience managing a podiatry practice in California and then in Florida.


I had survived 8½ years when 9/11 occurred and my kids were getting older.   The practice was losing Dr. Douglas Childs to Orlando at the end of 2001. I believe that “Continuity of Care” is very important in all of medicine. I was now a cancer survivor verses a cancer victim. New decisions about my new future were needed. I decided I could no longer hire proxies to see patients and provide “The Foot Care You Deserve”. I came back to my practice in 2001 and have continued to forge the unforgettable, life changing relationships with many great people, who I call my patients. We strive to have a stress free environment and have limited numbers of appointments available each day. Waiting is rare or due to an emergency or complicated case requiring unscheduled time.


I am so fortunate to be a cancer survivor who studied techniques to develop a sustaining quality of life.  I spent many months practicing imagery, therapeutic light touch and psychoneuroimmunology "getting well" with other cancer patients, who like me were waiting to die. We all had a chronic incurable illness or were deemed terminal, waiting for the end game. There was an unusual comfort being with others who were on the same path. We supported each other, families and friends. Most are gone now and for some reason I’m still here. These experiences gave me unique understanding of life’s challenges. Many patients are challenged to maintain a meaningful quality of life as we get older, have health issues, financial challenges, and out living loved ones. Having planned for and faced these challenges since 36 years old, I am comfortable discussing end of life issues with my patients. It has nothing to do with Podiatry, but has everything to do with the reality that we all will face.